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Is your carpet shedding? Carpet shedding is when it is releasing loose fibres and may be caused by several reasons. 

Why Do Carpets Shed?

Not all carpets are the same, which means that the way fibres are bound are different. Moreover, different types of fibres are used, which can contribute to the amount of carpet that may shed. 

It is possible for a carpet to have loose or unfastened yarn after the manufacturing process. This is normal, and you can just vacuum it to reduce the shedding. 

Can Area Rugs Shed?

Yes, your area rugs can shed as well. Shearing the rug after it’s been woven can release small fibres that get trapped in the pile of the rug. These fibres are then released when the rug is used.

Sometimes this can be a problem, like if the fibres being released cause allergies. It may be a good idea to place a protective pad under the rug to help cushion the rug and prevent excess fibres from being released from heavy foot traffic.

Your vacuum can help you with this problem.

How to Make the Shedding Stop Fast

You can try to care for the carpet to reduce or even eliminate shedding. Vacuuming the carpet regularly is one of the best solutions. Use a good vacuum cleaner; a vacuum with rotating brushes can help loosen the fibres. 

Don’t use a powerful vacuum with a rotating brush on delicate rugs. They can damage the threads and cause the shedding to intensify.

Another good idea is to clean the carpet. The hot solution from the carpet cleaning can not only help eliminate dust mites and pet dander but can also help reduces ongoing shedding in many carpets.

A good idea is to use a combination of all of these solutions. Try using a carpet cleaner once every 6 months along with your regular vacuuming once a week. By doing this, you can help maintain your carpet and make an impact on the amount of shedding you notice.

If you want to prevent your shedding rug from getting other items covered in the tiny fibres when moving or storing it, then you should wrap it tightly with plastic wrap. Make sure to wrap it tightly so air cannot enter the rug. This is a great idea if you are planning to store the rug for a long period of time.

Finally, if the shedding is still a big problem that is causing grief, then you may just have to replace the area rug. If the rug is old, but not a valuable antique, then you may be better off getting a new one that is less prone to shedding.

Say Goodbye to Carpet Shedding

Carpets and area rugs can shed when they are new, or after several years of usage. The amount of shedding can vary depending on the type of carpeting. Moreover, different types of natural and synthetic fibres that are used for carpet and rug construction, and the way the fibres are bound can make a difference.

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