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Home health professionals in Toronto offer advice on keeping your home safe and clean.

More than ever before, people are concerned about the hygiene of their home. With the outbreak of COVID-19, homeowners and business owners alike are taking every available precaution to protect themselves, their families and their customers. With so many people scared, misinformation is plentiful. One place that is highly susceptible to bacteria, mould, and other impurities, is your home’s carpeting. Since so many people are either confined to their home or self-quarantining it is vital to keep your home a safe space. Just like during cold and flu season, you should be taking extra care to protect yourself and your family by cleaning and disinfecting regularly.

Areas That Need Extra Attention

When you ask people what the dirtiest part of the house is, they will usually reply with bathrooms. While bathrooms can be dirty and harbour harmful pathogens, they are not the places that are most likely to infect you, plus people tend to concentrate on cleaning bathrooms better than the rest of their house.

Health experts agree that cleaning everyday surfaces that are highly trafficked is more important, such as countertops, sink faucets, remote controls, desk, keyboards, phones, door handles and light switches. Doing laundry is also important to keep your home sanitary.

When cleaning and disinfecting any hard surfaces always follow proper procedures. First, clean up visible dirt, dust and grime. Visible dirt can harbour pathogens and protect them from your cleaning procedures. After cleaning up visible dirt, apply disinfectants and allow them to remain wet for the specified amount of time, usually around 10 minutes. Disinfectants have dwell times that need to be met in order to be effective. Most disinfecting products will specify this time on the label.

Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean

If you have ever pulled up carpets or even lifted up the corner of an area rug, then you are aware of the massive amount of dirt and dust that can accumulate in the pile and under the dirty carpet. Carpet fibres are like thousands of dirt magnets. As you walk over carpets all the dust and dirt that is in the pile gets driven deeper into the structure of the carpet.

As a result, carpets harbour massive amounts of dirt, dust, dust mites, mould and pathogens. Regular vacuuming will go a long way for keeping carpets clean but regularly scheduled professional deep cleaning can prevent carpets from becoming a health hazard.

Professional deep cleaning can remove anything from stains and pet urine to foul odours. Deep cleaning can be performed on permanently installed carpets, area rugs, mattresses and upholstery.

Opt for Professional Cleaning Services

Whether you are wanting to spring clean or you are interested in a service to disinfect your home or business, you may be interested in professional cleaning services. Professional cleaning services are available to perform difficult deep-cleaning procedures. For example, professional cleaners can clean dirty carpet, rugs, furniture, and leather. Professional cleaners can also remove stubborn odours from pets.

When shopping around, look for companies that perform “dry-chemical” cleaning instead of steam cleaning. Dry chemical cleaning is superior to steam cleaning because it removes more dirt, more pathogens and leaves your carpet drier than steam cleaning, meaning it is less likely to grow mould as a result of being cleaned.

At All Star ChemDry, we are your carpet cleaning experts, serving homeowners in Canada since 1993. With free estimates and competitive pricing, we have the cleaning solutions for you. Specializing in dry chemical carpet cleaning, we also clean area rugs, remove stains, revitalize granite countertops and perform water damage restoration, ensuring you enjoy a safer and healthier home.

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