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If you are like most Toronto area homeowners we speak with, when you’ve got a carpet stain, your first reaction may be to attack it with a pile of paper towels. But what if that doesn’t work? Improving your approach will lead to better results than just throwing tissue paper products on it. Heavy-duty stains usually respond best to all-purpose cleaners or other detergents. 

However, if you’re not sure about this, stay away from the Internet! Avoid using baking soda and vinegar to hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, remedies that do work but don’t consider your carpet’s material, age, and colour. In short—don’t DIY! It may be time for professional carpet cleaning services to help you out.

Here are stains that call for such a solution:


Much like one of the other messes on this list, blood stains are particularly annoying in that they stay there even after being absorbed by towels or cotton. You’ll get what we mean if you’ve ever bled on a white piece of clothing and saw dull maroon patches on the surface. Bleach usually gets the job done on white linen perhaps, but don’t try resolving this by yourself on your carpet or you will turn that spot permanently snow-white. Get professional carpet cleaning on the phone.


Can you relate to being a bit clumsy and out of it in the morning? It’s probably a miracle how you get to work without spilling coffee daily, considering how fast you rush out the door. When you have an oops moment in the morning and spill coffee, it’s not too long until you have to run out of the house again for work and leave it until you get back. By that time, it may be useless to clean up the mess, and you’ll be left with a permanent brown stain on your once-clean carpet. A professional carpet cleaner will have speciality products to remove that tannin dye discolouration as long as you don’t try to go after it yourself and set it in permanently.

Ink and Paint

Ink, marker, and paint stains are some of the worst on a carpet since these pigments were designed to stain (mostly paper and walls) and stay there for a long time! If any of these stains are on your carpets and rugs, don’t touch them! You could end up spreading the mess and making it much worse. Several different commercial-strength cleaners handled by professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians are needed to break down the colour pigments and fully lift the stain. 

Pet Mess

Pet messes are particularly nasty carpet problems in that they leave lingering stains, smells, and health hazards! The worst of these come from cats, who have more potent bodily fluids and waste than dogs. Not to mention, pet wastes are toxic, releasing a stream of bacteria that infects the surrounding environment! Leave any set and lingering pet stains and odours to the professionals who know how to treat the area right down to the sub-floor where the urine has drained to.

Red Wine

Spilling red wine on a carpet is an oh crap moment. The stain immediately seeps into the carpet fibres and penetrates the backing quickly, persistently staying there even after cleaning it a few times.

The same goes for grape juice and other berries, adding stickiness to the stain. If a red wine stain is allowed to sit for a long time, it may be impossible to remove it once it gets into the carpet’s backing. Use club soda to dilute the spill right away, blot up what you can and then get professional carpet cleaning asap when this happens.

In Closing

Whenever you encounter any of these stains on your carpet or rugs, don’t touch or do anything to get rid of them that could potentially make them worse. Immediately call a professional carpet cleaning service and book an appointment so they can remove them for you. They have the expertise and knowledge needed to factor in what kind of carpet you have and what solutions are required to lift—not just clean—the mess from the surface. 

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