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Even well-trained pets can have accidents from time to time. When your pet makes a mess, you can certainly deal with it by calling a professional carpet cleaning company. Be warned though, not every Toronto area carpet cleaning businesses offers truly effective pet stain and odour removal services that actually work.

Sure, you might think that you can do the task yourself and while that may be true, know that you’re going to need the right solutions to break down the odour causing residue that has drained into the subfloor and exert a lot of effort. If you still need convincing to call in the pros, here are some of the reasons to seek the help of a carpet cleaning professional trained in pet odour problems:

Natural Cleaning Solutions Are Used

Most DIYers will have a go with making their own cleaning solutions, but if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that the ones that work just don’t smell very pleasant. Professional cleaning companies know what kind of solutions work best and will provide them for you, saving you a lot of time and effort.

You Get Deep Carpet Cleaning

Some people just clean the surface of their carpets and do nothing to get those deep down areas that may still be dirty. Most professional carpet cleaning companies are equipped with the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment and will use it to clean your carpets, not just the surface.

Without professional deep cleaning, you’re never going to get your carpets clean. You can get them clean to a certain point, but only a professional cleaning will get them back to their original state.

Pet Urine Odour Will Be Eliminated

We all know that pet urine odour is the worst to get rid of because it becomes deeply embedded in the carpet’s fibres and actually needs advanced treatments to resolve. Even after you clean the surfaces, the odour tends to linger, but professional carpet cleaning will ensure that you never have to worry about that odour again. They will use the right solutions and methods to completely remove the odour.

Stains Will Be Removed

Many people who try to clean on their own will just clean the stain’s surface and do nothing about the stain itself. A professional cleaning company will have the proper equipment to lift the stain from the carpet and prevent it from coming back.

You Save Time

You may have a messy carpet that you need to get clean, but that doesn’t mean that you have all the time in the world to do it. The longer you wait to get your carpet cleaned, the more time the stains have to set in and the harder it will be to remove them. A professional company will come to your home and clean your carpet quickly, allowing you to get back to your regular schedule.

Your Carpets Will Look Almost Like New

If you’ve ever had a professional cleaning company come to your home to clean your carpets, you’ll know that the end result is a carpet that looks almost like it’s brand new. This not only helps the interior of your home look good, but it also helps sell your home to potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.


Professional carpet cleaning companies should be your first stop when you have a carpet problem, whether they’re hard to remove stains or the lingering odour of your pets. You’ll be saving time and money while also making sure that your carpet is really clean.

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