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If you have mysterious holes in your clothes, furniture, or carpet, it may be due to carpet beetles. Carpet beetle species go through a larval stage, during which they are the most destructive. The larval stage of a carpet beetle can damage your clothes, furniture, and carpet, costing you thousands of dollars.

Carpet cleaning will help get rid of the carpet beetle larvae that are causing damage to your Toronto home. However, you can’t just clean the carpet if you want to eliminate all the carpet beetles. You must clean the whole house and follow the tips discussed in this article. Read on.

Let Professionals Do the Job

Carpet beetles are tiny pests that can cause big problems in your home. They can damage clothing, furniture, and carpeting and be difficult to get rid of. If you suspect you have a carpet beetle or other insect infestation, call professional carpet cleaners for help. They will inspect your home and eliminate the pests quickly and efficiently.

You should also have professional cleaners treat the rest of your home for carpet beetles. This includes hardwood floors, furniture, and any other areas where carpet beetles may be present.

Clean Your Furniture

To get rid of carpet beetles, you need to deep clean your carpets and furniture. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process, but it is worth it to protect your belongings.

Wash Clothes and Beddings

We are talking about all your clothes and bedding. Carpet beetles and their larvae can be killed by hot water and soap. Be sure to wash every article of clothing in the house with warm water and detergent. Carpet beetles are very tough, so be sure to dry clean any piece of clothing that can’t go through the wash.

Remove Potential Nests

To get rid of carpet beetles, you should first check for any nests that may be present outside of your home. Once you have located any nests, be sure to remove them. Next, you will want to check all screens, doors, and windows for any holes that may be present. Be sure to seal them up. Finally, you will want to throw away any old spider webs or nests made by other animals, as carpet beetles love to hide in these places.

Check Your Plants

Carpet beetles can lay their eggs on plants, so it’s important to check any plants you bring inside your home for signs of the beetles or their larvae. You may be better off keeping plants outside to avoid bringing them into your home.


Carpet beetles are small, round insects that can be a nuisance in your home. They are attracted to carpets and fabric and can cause damage to these materials. Carpet beetles are not dangerous to humans, but they can be a nuisance if not controlled.

There are a few things you can do to get rid of carpet beetles. Vacuum regularly to remove any eggs or larvae that may be present, or consider using an insecticide to kill any adult beetles. Most importantly, make sure to keep your home clean and free of clutter to prevent carpet beetles from returning.

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