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Taking care of a dog takes a lot of work, especially if they aren’t trained yet. Of course, when you’re still training your pup, you can expect a few accidents here and there. But when accidents keep happening on your carpet, even though your dog is already trained, it’s important to investigate the situation and see what you can do.

Why Your Dog Keeps Peeing on the Carpet

Your dog may be urinating on the carpet because they have a medical condition that you need to address. Dogs with urinary tract infections may urinate on the carpets since they can’t make it to their potty spots on time. Also, bladder stones may cause your dog to urinate on the carpet because of the pain they cause. If you think your dog has a UTI or is suffering from bladder stones, you need to see a vet immediately.

If your dog is urinating on the carpet because of underlying behavioural problems, you need to look at their relationship with you and their environment. Your dog may be urinating on the carpet because you haven’t trained them properly. You should teach your dog the “go potty” command or reinforce the potty spots that you’ve designated for them.

Your dog may be urinating on the carpet because they are desperate to get back to its potty spot. You need to make sure that you’ve trained your dog to do their business outside, but be sure to let them back inside immediately after they finish. If you make your dog wait for long periods, they may urinate on the carpet.

If these reasons don’t seem to apply to your dog, then you may have a behavioural problem on your hands. 

What to Do About Pee Stains on the Carpet

The first thing you need to do if you already have a stain on the carpet is get rid of the stain. You can do this by getting a stain remover from the pet store and following the instructions that come with it. It’s also a good idea to use an enzyme cleaner to help remove as much urine that’s dried in and beneath the carpet. If you don’t get the organic urine compounds out, the smell will be impossible to get rid of.

How to Stop Your Dog From Urinating on the Carpet

If you want to keep your dog from urinating on the carpet, ultimately you need to change your dog’s behaviour with reinforcement training or block them from the area when you are not around. There are some other things that you can do, for example, using plastic carpet runners if it’s a hallway or a smaller area to keep any accidents from draining into the carpet. Since other flooring types such as vinyl and even wood floors can absorb and get damaged by pet urine, some dogs may need to wear a diaper in order to keep them from urinating on the carpets, furniture, and other areas in your home – it’s become a more common practice than you may think.

Final Thoughts

Pee stains on the carpet may not be desirable, but it’s important to stay level-headed when dealing with the problem. When you address the issue at its root, it won’t just benefit your dog but also your carpet.

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