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Carpet Cleaning Experts in Edmonton Explain the Chem-Dry Difference

Carpet cleaning services are one of the top house cleaning services that people attempt to tackle on their own. In the end, this mistake could end up causing unwanted health issues and even ruin the carpets in the home. Instead of trying to DIY it, experience the Chem-Dry difference. Their unique approach is much healthier for both the carpets and everyone living in the home.

Why The Chem-Dry Method Beats Steam Cleaning Every Time

Traditionally, when most people think of carpet cleaning, they think of those giant steam-based machines. However, not using those outdated machines is what sets Chem-Dry apart.

Chem-Dry uses a unique, hot carbonating extraction system to offer a deeper, faster, and overall healthier carpet cleaning service to the homeowner. When contrasted with the steam cleaning method, where water and harsh chemicals just saturate the carpet, the advantage is obvious.

When water is allowed to sit on the carpet, it takes at least a day or two for it to fully dry. That’s a long time for bacteria, mould, and mildew to take hold. In addition, the shampoo used never fully absorbs and actually speeds up the build-up of dirt on the carpet.

Chem-Dry approaches carpet cleaning very differently. Instead of using water like steam carpet cleaning services do, Chem-Dry uses millions and millions of tiny, microscopic bubbles. Those bubbles blast dirt out from deep in the fibres, which means they can use only a fraction of the amount of water required with steam carpet cleaning (80% less, in fact).

In addition, Chem-Dry uses only the most natural carpet cleaners out there, instead of relying on harsh chemical cleaners. Combined with the small amount of water needed, the carpets will be dry usually within an hour or two, instead of the day or so it takes with a steam cleaner.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Simply Doesn’t Cut It

As a homeowner, saving money is important. This affects every part of the house, not just the carpet cleaning budget. But, while it can be tempting to just rent a carpet cleaning machine and attempt to DIY it, it can be more frustrating than it’s worth.

To start with, those machines are much more difficult to work with than they look. They’re heavy, bulky, and difficult to steer around the home, especially for smaller people. It’s also much easier to accidentally soak the carpets and create a health hazard in the home. The shampoos used with those machines are also much harsher on the environment, and leave a residue on the carpets long after they’re dry.

The steam carpet cleaning machines that are rentable from the store also don’t get cleaned nearly as much as they should. That means they can bring allergens, dirt, pet hair, and other pollutants into the home they are supposed to be cleaning, which defeats the purpose of the carpet cleaning in the first place.

Save time, money, and frustration by having the home carpet cleaning done right the first time, using the Chem-Dry system.

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