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For your business to perform at its best, there is one aspect of it you must always maintain: its cleanliness. Cleaning is an essential part of any business, as it not only helps the workplace look and feels productive but also reduces the risk of employees getting sick and having to take time off of work.

That said, cleaning isn’t an easy job, and for that reason, you might be looking for a commercial cleaning company to do the cleaning for you, especially for your carpets. However, before you hire anyone to clean your carpets, it is vital to ask them the following questions to ensure you are working with the right professionals:

Question 1. Are You Experienced with Cleaning Commercial Carpets?

Ask your potential commercial carpet cleaning company about their experience with cleaning your particular types of carpets, such as in a restaurant or office. This is because, while many cleaning companies may offer carpet cleaning, not all may actually have experience in commercial carpet cleaning. This is an important thing to figure out so that you hire someone capable and experienced with cleaning commercial carpets to ensure your carpets are properly cleaned.

Question 2. How Will the Cleaning Be Done?

There are many ways to clean carpets, so before you hire a cleaning company, ensure they will use a method that’s appropriate for your specific type of carpet. For instance, if you have thick carpets, you will require a specific method to ensure they are cleaned properly. Of course, if you can, look at their portfolio or ask more about their cleaning methods. That way, you can get a good idea of how and when they will clean your carpet.

Question 3. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

A good commercial cleaning company will offer a guarantee on their cleaning. A guarantee ensures that you will be satisfied with the work they do. If you aren’t, then the guarantee will allow you to be compensated in one way. However, if they refuse to offer you a guarantee, you should think twice about hiring them.

Question 4. Are You Licensed?

Always work with a company that’s licensed or certified for the services they offer. It’s important to know that your health and safety are in the hands of a good cleaning company that complies with the local health and safety regulations.

Question 5. What Are Your Prices?

It is important to ask your commercial cleaning company about their prices before you hire them to clean your carpets. You should be able to get an estimate of the costs of the work you need. While you shouldn’t hire a company based on price alone, you should still avoid a too pricey or too cheap company.


Regardless of the type of work your business performs, your carpets have the potential to get dirty or begin to smell. Thankfully, you can get your business’s carpets cleaned by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company. However, before you hire a commercial cleaning company to clean your carpets, it is essential to ask them the following questions to ensure you hire the right company to meet your needs.

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