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Edmonton Experts Share Knowledge About Winter Carpet Cleaning

How Can Winter Carpet Cleaning Benefit Your Home

Carpeting can be a great addition to any home. It adds comfort to almost any room, and in the cold winter months, it helps keep a space warm and pleasant. This is why it can be so important to keep carpeting well-maintained and clean, especially during the winter, and why winter can actually be one of the best times of the year for carpet cleaning.

Why Clean in Winter?

Winter is a tough time of year on carpets. All the additional moisture outside, from snow to slush and ice, can easily be tracked inside, sinking into carpeting and causing a mushy mess and even staining and damage. But winter can also be a great time to have a home’s carpeting cleaned for the following reasons:

  • Faster Drying Times – Many homes have the heat on high during the winter months. This tends to dry out the air, and because of this, carpets that are cleaned during the winter tend to dry even faster than other times of the year. 
  • Healthier Living – Because windows and doors tend to be shut and locked during the winter months, allergens and other pollutants tend to build up. Cleaning a home’s carpets during this time can help limit or eliminate them altogether.
  • Future Protection – Waiting until spring to have carpets cleaned just allows more time for winter spots and stains to set in and possibly permanently damage the carpeting. Cleaning them while they’re fresh will allow for the best results.
  • Easy Booking – Many people still don’t know about the benefits of winter carpet cleaning, which means booking an appointment in the winter is often easier and quicker than any other time of year.

 Why Trust a Professional?

Many homeowners attempt to clean their own carpets, using either localized cleaners, carpet shampooers, or rented appliances, but they’ll often be met with mediocre results or carpets that will need to be cleaned again in as little as a few days later. This is why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is often the best choice for the following reasons:

  • Quicker Cleaning – Professional carpet cleaning is often much quicker. Homeowners that try to clean their own carpets can find it can take hours or even days, and can seemingly take forever to dry. Professional carpet cleaning can take as little as 15 minutes to be completed.
  • More Powerful Cleaning – The cleaning supplies and materials professionals use are often more powerful, giving better cleaning and stain repair, than store-bought cleaning supplies. They tend to be better for the environment, too.
  • Protective Cleaning – Professional carpet cleaning often extends the life of a carpet. The cleaning treatments not only clean and repair, but they protect the carpet going forward as well.

It may be tempting for a homeowner to clean the carpets in their home, but the truth is, professionally cleaned carpets are better in pretty much every way.

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