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How To Effectively Remove Pet Stains & Carpet Odours

We Love Our Pets, But They Take a Toll on Our Homes

Pets are a wonderful addition to any home. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily great for our homes, however. Pets are loving, and often carefree sidekicks that aren’t able to appreciate the value behind our homes because they are…well, pets. They aren’t designed to understand and therefore, we, as homeowners, need to take as many precautions as possible to protect our home from the issues pets can cause to it.

An option to prepare your home for a pet is to put down durable floors, such as laminate flooring, which is a great option for pet owners. If carpeting is a must in your home, you’ll just have to keep an eye on any funny-looking stains that may pop up from time to time by those cute pets of yours.

Another idea is to use semi-gloss wall paint! Flat paint is a pain to try and keep pain due to it rubbing off when trying to wipe it down. Semi-gloss will wipe easily to rid your walls of all that dog drool that dogs so lovingly shake all of them and cat fur when cats rub against them!

A great option is to have your local professional handy as well…but we’ll get to that soon.

The Hidden Dangers of Pet Odours and Stains

Some pet odours and stains aren’t easy to identify. Sure, if it’s an obvious stain you work hard to get rid of the surface discoloration but are you really getting down to the bottom of that stain?

Do you smell a smell that you just can’t put your finger on? Or worse…a guest in your home comments on a strong pet odour scent that you’re just plain used to, so you don’t even notice it!

Does someone in your family have a chronic issue such as asthma, COPD, or allergies? Those stains in your carpet from your dog or cat (or whichever breed of pet you call yours) will cause those loved ones extreme discomfort, let alone hurt people without those chronic illnesses as well.

Urine that gets trapped in carpet or below other surfaces contains ammonia. When the urine seeps down into your floor, the water from the urine evaporates, leaving behind an even stronger concentration of ammonia, and thus slowly making you sick over time. Even if you think you removed a stain, there are potential dangers lurking below that stains surface.

Bacteria and mould are also commonly found in homes that have pets, due to the same issue of urine seeping beneath and into the floor.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional comes in handy because a stain is more than a surface issue. Working with a professional allows for special techniques, tools, and knowledge that will benefit the homeowner greatly.

One of the most important issues for most homeowners is that pesky smell that they cannot seem to get rid of, even when the stain is barely noticeable! That’s because the odour is coming from down below. Professionals will get down to the root of the smell and be able to get it out of there for good.

Many cleaning products have harsh chemicals that are certainly not safe for pets. A reputable professional may have options for you that are pet-friendly and better for you as well.

The Chem-Dry Difference

Chem-Dry specializes in the P.U.R.T. (pet, urine, removal, treatment) process, which is second to none in the industry. This process is specifically formulated to break down the molecules found deep beneath flooring’s surface that is the common source of odours.

Chem-Dry has been a trusted source across Canada since 1993.

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