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Carpets can see wear and tear over time, end up stained, get matted or just end up looking rough in general. If your carpet falls under any of these categories, chances are you need to call in professional cleaners. On the other hand, you might need to get it replaced!

If you’re not sure what the difference is or how to proceed, read on!

Tip For When You Need Carpet Cleaning in Toronto, ON

For a carpet to smell and look good as new, calling a professional to get a thorough cleaning done is imminent. Here are some key signs to watch out for!

1. Your Carpet Needs To Get Cleaned If It’s Been A Year Since the Last Time

Has it been a year or so since you got your carpets cleaned last? Even when kids aren’t allowed to wear shoes in the house and there’s extra caution with spills, the carpet can still get dirty. There’s a tendency for carpets to collect dust and dirt in their fibres. Professionals have to address this with annual cleaning regularly. After all, the general rule is for carpets to get cleaned within that time frame.

If it’s been over a year since the last time your carpet was cleaned, call professionals right away! When there are small children and/or pets in the home, that becomes extra necessary. Aside from keeping human health at bay and the carpet looking nice, its lifespan will be prolonged. Daily maintenance will also be much easier, alongside a clear improvement in the appearance of a home overall.

2. Your Carpet Needs To Get Cleaned If It’s Dirty or Dull

At some point, you may find the carpet to look the same every day to the point of glossing over slight (yet significant) changes. In case you’re not sure if it’s particularly dull or dirty, a furniture test will go a long way. This is done simply: move a piece of furniture. Look at the carpet under that piece of furniture. Does it look considerably cleaner, fluffier and lighter compared to the surrounding carpet?

If yes, then there’s dullness and dirtiness you haven’t addressed. A professional carpet cleaner can make it look good as new.

3. Your Carpet Needs To Get Cleaned If Your Allergies Are Flaring Up Constantly

Do you have indoor allergies that seem to be coming up quite a lot lately? If you don’t, is there someone else in your home (spouse, children and/or elderly relatives) that seems to be struggling with it? Carpet cleaning by a professional is in order.

Aside from dust and dirt, carpets also collect allergens including pet dander. This is despite instances of regular, standard vacuuming. Even walking across or sitting on the carpet will kick up the allergens into the air. Before they settle down, they can stay airborne for hours.


Carpets are a great addition to any home, but they need maintenance. In some cases, replacement is key; other times it’s just a matter of thorough, professional cleaning. Signs that it needs cleaning include allergies flaring up amongst occupants of the home, looking dull or dirty or at least a year since the last cleaning job was done.

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