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While many people spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars to renovate their home to revitalize it, such investments aren’t always necessary. In fact, a simple investment like carpets is enough to breathe new life into it! That said, many myths surround carpets that people end up believing, resulting in hurt expectations out of carpets. Some of these myths can even stop people from investing in carpets entirely, and if you’re here today seeking the truth, you’re in the right place.

Let’s tackle the common carpet myths and tell you exactly why they’re false:

Myth 1. Carpets Don’t Need Cleaning

While it is true that carpets are cleaned seasonally, it is a misconception that they won’t need cleaning at all. No matter how well you wash them, carpets will get dirty as time passes and can get quite stinky. This is just the reality of things, regardless of how well you take care of them. As such, don’t believe anyone telling you that carpets don’t need cleaning. While they may look clean for many months, daily use will cause plenty of dust and dirt to accumulate, especially below the surface.

Myth 2. Carpets Will Cause Allergic Reactions

Despite being full of dust and dirt, carpets aren’t very allergenic. They are considered one of the lowest sources of allergies in the home, so that can put your fears to rest. Wool is one of the best hypoallergenic carpet solutions for allergy sufferers.Not only do wool carpets absorb contaminants, but they’re also incredibly resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew. Since wool is so dry and has coil-shaped carpet fibers, it lacks moisture, blocking out dust mites. 

Nylon fibers carpeting is not only resistant to dirt, moisture, and mildew but it causes pollen to dry out and prevents it from flourishing in your carpet. Nylon’s highly durable material bodes for active homes and high traffic areas as it’s easy to keep clean. So whether you have wool or nylon, there’s no reason to fear the presence of carpets in your home.

Myth 3. Carpets Can Be Easily Maintained by Yourself

Many people might tell you that you can easily care for your carpets. That may be the case for some people, but more often than not, we’re simply too busy with other things to give carpets the deep cleaning they need. As such, expect to hire professional carpet cleaners to give your carpet a thorough clean once in a while!

Myth 4. Carpets Will Release Their Dyes and Cause Discoloring

It is a myth that carpets will release dyes and cause discolouring in your home. On the contrary, carpets are made to be tough and sturdy and do not release dyes that can discolour other surfaces. That said, despite being quite tough, carpets aren’t indestructible, so you should be careful with them.

Myth 5. Carpets Will Get Wrinkled

Many people are worried that the moment they install a carpet in their home, it will loosen up quickly and get wrinkled, resulting in you having to replace it. This is far from true, however. Carpets are made to be durable and will hold up well in your home, even if you walk on them on a daily basis.


If you’re worried about investing in carpets because of the myths out there, then fear not. As we’ve seen, many don’t hold water and will only mislead you. You’re in the right place this time, so don’t hesitate to invest in carpets! Of course, don’t simply pick any carpet you see without researching and testing. Be sure to take your time to understand exactly what you want to achieve out of the carpet so that you make the right choice that will give your home the life it deserves.

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