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Carpets are an essential part of any Toronto area home, and they should be kept clean and free of dirt, dust, and other allergens to ensure a healthy environment. However, many people don’t realize that some of the most common carpet cleaning tips can actually damage their carpets.

If you want to keep your carpet looking its best, avoid these DIY carpet cleaning hacks that are damaging your carpet.

1. Using Too Much Water

When cleaning your carpet, it’s essential to use just enough water to dampen the area you’re cleaning. Using too much water can cause some natural carpet fibres to swell, leading to permanent damage. In addition, using too much water can make it difficult for the carpet to dry completely, which creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow.

2. Rubbing Stains

When you rub a stain, you’re actually pushing the spill deeper into the carpet fibres. Doing so can make the stain more difficult to remove and may cause permanent damage to the carpet. Instead of rubbing, blot the area with a clean, white cloth to absorb the spill.

3. Using Harsh Chemicals

Many carpet cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can damage your carpet. If you must use a chemical based cleaner, be sure to dilute it with water and test it in an inconspicuous area first. In addition, be sure to ventilate the area well while you’re cleaning and rinse the carpet thoroughly afterwards to remove any residual chemicals.

4. Scrubbing Too Hard

Scrubbing your carpet too vigorously can damage the fibres and cause them to break down. When cleaning, use gentle strokes and not scrub too hard. Otherwise, scrubbing hard can lead to premature wear and tear. It can also make the carpet more challenging to clean in the future.

5. Using the Wrong Vacuum

Vacuuming is integral to carpet maintenance, but using the wrong vacuum can damage your carpet. If you have a carpet, you need to use a vacuum and settings specifically designed for carpets. Some vacuums are great for hardwood floors but can be too harsh on carpets. 

Vacuums with beater bars are usually a better option for carpets. Also, use a vacuum with the correct attachments and settings for your carpet type. In addition, be sure to empty the vacuum regularly to avoid overworking the motor.

6. Overusing Carpet Deodorizers

Overusing carpet deodorizers can actually make your carpets smell worse, not better. The main reason is that most carpet deodorizers contain strong fragrances that can quickly become overwhelming. If you use too much of a carpet deodorizer, the odour will be so strong that it will actually repel people from your home rather than invite them in.

Another reason why overusing carpet deodorizers can be a bad idea is that they can actually start to break down the fibres in your carpets. That is because the chemicals in the deodorizers can be quite harsh. Over time, these chemicals can damage your carpets, making them more susceptible to stains and dirt.


Carpets are one of the essential pieces of furniture in a home. Not only do they add comfort and style, but they also play an important role in protecting flooring from dirt, dust, and other debris. That’s why keeping them clean and free of dirt, dust, and other particles is so important. However, many people make the mistakes mentioned above. If you do not want to damage or shorten your carpet’s lifespan, ensure you avoid them and clean and maintain them correctly.

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